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About The Harbour

The Harbour is a Youth Support Centre located in Halifax. You can read about our Mission and Philosophy here, or visit our Services page to learn more about the Programs and Services we offer.

Our Mission

When we opened our doors back in 1984, we had one goal in mind: to help struggling Halifax youth get on the path to self sufficiency and personal success.

Our mission is to support and empower at-risk youth in the Halifax community. We work to break the cycle of homelessness by providing a wide range of meaningful and effective programs, resources and services to youth from all walks of life.

Our Philosophy

The Harbour provides a safe refuge for youth of all walks of life. We take an inclusive and non-judgmental approach to all the work we do.

We believe that each young person has inherent worth and potential, and we aim to provide the very best tools and resources to help them make meaningful, positive changes toward self-sufficient and happy lives.

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